Coal Doberman Puppy for Sale

Coal January 30th

AKC Doberman male puppy

Coal was born January 21st, 2014. He was the smallest puppy. He weighed just 6 oz and was born a week early. He has been growing steadily despite his mom’s early lack of milk. He has taken to a baby bottle and been supplemented with ESBILAC. His dew claws were removed and his tail docked on January 27th. He had his first vet check on January 25th; since the pups were born early and were small we decided to wait two days before doing his dew claws and tails. Coal is an adorable AKC Doberman puppy. He is DCM clear (0 copies by parentage)

He is a sweetheart and more vocal than his brothers. He was the only pup to mew with his first breath. He rests peacefully but makes sweet little noises while he eats. He loves to lay in the crook of his mom’s front leg.Coal Doberman Puppy for Sale


Coal has been handled daily and of course bottle fed. His mom has begun to produce enough milk that supplemental feeds are no longer required. He was born in my bedroom. His mom is a real cuddler and a true Velcro dog. She loves to be near me, so coal and his litter mates come with her. At night they settle into a nice nest in the bedroom and during the day while I work they snuggle in a whelping box in the kitchen. I carry her babies for her and she and pups are content next to me while I work or while I sleep.

Development and Training

doberman puppy growth chartCoal’s eyes are just starting to open ( Feb 1st) and should be completely open in the next few days. He has been given early neurological stimulation designed to boost his immune system and increase his ability to deal with stress. For now his main job is to sleep, eat and grow. In a few short weeks he will be old enough to begin eating soft food. When coal is 4 weeks old he will be introduced to soft solid foods and puppy formula he can lap from a dish. At this time he will be able to eliminate on his own and his whelping box will grow to include both a play and a potty area. This is the first step to house training a puppy. Puppies who live in a clean environment quickly learn not to soil in the house. It is natural for dogs not to want to potty were they sleep, play or eat.


Coal will begin basic obedience commands at 6 weeks. He will have short fun play sessions with me daily where he is introduced to both verbal and hand signal commands for sit, down, stay and stand. He will also be introduced to a collar and leash and will begin walking on a leash in the house.

Coal will also continue to work on house training and will begin to go potty outside at this time. He will be praised for each tinkle or doo outside like he just won an Olympic gold medal.

Ear Cropping

Coal will have his ears cropped at 8 weeks. At this time he will also be introduced to a crate and begin to sleep by himself in his crate at night. Although through the day he will still have his parents and litter mates to learn from and play with.